GetStarted Marketing 2020 by Rebecca Teaff

GetStarted Marketing 2020

Everything you need to know about digital marketing for your Non Profit Organization
Redstart Creative is offering The GetStarted Marketing Course, a six-module online course that you can do at your own pace where we will be sharing the same methods we use with our one-on-one clients!

Imagine working with the experts in non-profit branding and marketing and walking away with all of the tools plan to create your story, update your brand and design supporting materials that you love. Weekly instruction and worksheets for every step of the process. All of the knowledge you need to put marketing into action yourself!

You are doing amazing work and we want to help you get your message out there in an effective way that isn’t cost prohibitive to you!

What's included?

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Module 1: What's your Story: Develop your Brand Messaging
Module 1-GetStarted Marketing
30 mins
Module 1-Creating Your Brand Message Worksheets.pdf
164 KB
Module 1- Brand Messaging.pdf
1.62 MB
Module 2: Look at Me: Develop your Brand Message
Module 2-Look at me.mp4
55 mins
Module 2-Look At Me Worksheets.pdf
141 KB
Module 2-Look At Me.pdf
4.77 MB
Module 3: Break Through the Crowd: Make Your Website Work for You
Module 3-Break through the crowd.mp4
46 mins
Module 3-Break Through The Crowd Worksheets.pdf
197 KB
Module 3-Break Through the Crowd.pdf
17 MB
Module 4: Digital Marketing 101: How to Communicate in a Virtual World
Module 4-Digital Marketing 101.mp4
47 mins
Module 4-Digital Marketing 101.pdf
12.8 MB
Module 4-Digital Marketing 101 Worksheets.pdf
266 KB
Module 5: Digital Marketing 202: Evaluate, Shift, and Maintain Strategy Long-Term
Module 5-Digital Marketing 202.mp4
51 mins
Module 5-Digital Marketing 202 Worksheets.pdf
126 KB
Module 5-Digital Marketing 202.pdf
5.72 MB
Module 6: Print in a Digital World: How to Convert Traditional Tools
Module 6-Print in a Digital World.mp4
48 mins
Module 6 -Print in a Digital World Worksheets.pdf
189 KB
Module 6-Print in a Digital World.pdf
47.1 MB